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Sr. Project Manager Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181027
Project Manager Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181028
Mechanical Designer Columbus, OHEDG2/6/20181020
Instrumentation and Controls Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181029
Structural Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181033
Sr. Electrical Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181040
Sr. Mechanical Designer Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181037
Sr. Structural Designer Columbus, OHEDG5/16/20181069
Sr. Mechanical Engineer-Bulk Material Handling Columbus, OHEDG2/6/20181019
Mechanical Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181038
Electrical Engineer (Entry Level) Columbus, OHEDG2/6/20181016
Electrical Designer Columbus, OHEDG1/31/20181012
Sr. Planning/Scheduling Specialist Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181035
Site Civil Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181034
Sr. Piping Drafter/Designer Columbus, OHEDG4/25/20181064
Facilities Engineer Columbus, OHEDG6/27/20181087
Sr. Structural Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181032
Electrical Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181039
Sr. Instrumentation and Controls Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20181030
Sr. Cost Control Specialist Columbus, OHEDG3/15/20181036
Piping Designer/Drafter Houston, TXEDG4/11/20181050
Facilities Engineer (Mid-Level) Houston, TXEDG7/18/20181093
Sr. Facilities Engineer Houston, TXEDG7/18/20181094
Sr. Process Engineer Houston, TXEDG5/24/20181073
Checker (Piping Drafting) Houston, TXEDG7/13/20181090
Procurement Specialist Houston, TXEDG8/16/20181121
Facilities Engineer (Entry) Houston, TXEDG7/18/20181095
Process Engineer Houston, TXEDG5/24/20181074
Facilities Engineer (Junior) Houston, TXEDG7/18/20181092
Safety Specialist-Electric Utilities (Birmingham Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/14/20181111
Project Controls Specialist (Full Time Temporary) Metairie, LaEDG2/2/20181013
Field Supervisor (NO Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp1/26/20181009
Safety Specialist-Electric Utilities (Huntsville, AL Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/14/20181112
Field Supervisor-Electric Utilities (Birmingham, AL Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/14/20181113
Safety Specialist (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaK-Temp3/13/20181026
Field Supervisor (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/9/20181100
Project Manager-Electric Utilities (Huntsville, AL Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181116
Construction Manager-Utilities Construction (Birmingham, Al Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181117
Construction Manager-Utilities Construction (Huntsville, Al Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181118
Engineering Associate-Electric Utilities (Birmingham, AL Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181119
Engineering Associate-Electric Utilities (Hunstville, AL Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181120
Safety Specialist-Electric Utilities (Dallas/Fort Forth Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/9/20181104
Project Controls Specialist (Cost Controller) Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181105
Sr. Structural Engineer (Oil & Gas) Metairie, LaEDG7/20/20181096
Safety Specialist (Northern LA) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/20/20181054
Engineering Advisor (Utilities Industry) Metairie, LaK-Temp5/17/20181072
Recruiter (Staffing & AAP Coordinator) Metairie, LaEDG6/4/20181077
Sr. Project Manager (Utilities) Metairie, LaEDG3/26/20181046
Sr. Structural Engineer (Marine & Terminals) Metairie, LaEDG5/25/20181076
Safety Specialist (Conroe-Houston Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/23/20181058
Safety Specialist (New Orleans Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/23/20181060
Project Manager-Electric Utilities (Dallas/Fort Worth Area Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181102
Engineering Associate-Electric Utilities (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181103
Construction Manager-Utilities Construction (Atlanta, GA Area)) Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181108
Field Supervisor-Electric Utilities (Atlanta, GA Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/13/20181110
Safety Specialist (Austin, TX Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp5/1/20181066
Construction Manager (Engineer) Metairie, LaEDG5/10/20181068
Engineering Associate (Utilities Industry) (Baton Rouge) Metairie, LaK-Temp6/6/20181080
Project Manager-Electric Utilities (Atlanta Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/13/20181109
Project Controls Specialist (Programming/Project Scheduling) Metairie, LaEDG7/12/20181089
Project Controls Specialist (Scheduler) Metairie, LaEDG7/30/20181097
Safety Specialist (Utilities) Baton Rouge Service Area Metairie, LaK-Temp7/30/20181098
Construction Manager-Utilities Construction (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181101
Safety Specialist-Electric Utilities (Atlanta, GA Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/9/20181106
Engineering Associate-(Atlanta, GA Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/9/20181107
Project Manager I (Utilities) Metairie, LaEDG3/19/20181041
Field Supervisor-Electric Utilities (Huntsville, AL Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp8/14/20181114
Sr. Project Manager (Utilities) Metairie, LaEDG3/26/20181047
Distribution Advisor (Electric Utilities) Baton Rouge Service Area) Metairie, LaK-Temp6/7/20181081
Project Manager-Electric Utilities (Birmingham, AL Area) Metairie, LaEDG8/14/20181115
Project Manager II Metairie, LaEDG3/26/20181045
Field Supervisor Little Rock, ARK-Temp1/26/20181010
Project Manager I (Utilities) Little Rock, AREDG2/20/20181022
Project Manager II (Utilities) Little Rock, AREDG2/20/20181023
Sr. Construction Engineer Little Rock, AREDG4/20/20181056
Field Supervisor (Jackson Area) MississippiK-Temp3/12/20181025
Safety Specialist (Jackson Area) MississippiK-Temp4/20/20181055

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