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Mechanical Engineer - Industrial Bulk & Material Handling Columbus, OHEDG2/18/20191198
Sr. Electrical Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/6/20191215
Entry level Facilities Engineer Columbus, OHEDG3/14/20191218
Electrical Engineer (5yr) Columbus, OHEDG3/6/20191216
Engineering Intern Columbus, OHK-Temp5/1/20191288
Instrumentation and Controls Engineer (5 yrs) Columbus, OHEDG3/6/20191214
Senior Instrument & Controls Engineer Columbus, OHEDG2/8/20191191
Structural Designer Houston, TXEDG5/16/20191295
Project Procurement & Contracts Administrator Houston, TXEDG5/23/20191297
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Conroe, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/3/20191237
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Beaumont, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/3/20191239
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Woodlands) Houston, TXK-Temp4/5/20191256
Construction Manager (Woodlands, TX) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191268
Construction Manager (Utility) (Conroe) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191267
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (The Woodlands, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/3/20191238
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (Woodlands, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/4/20191247
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (Beaumont, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/4/20191248
Construction Manager (Utility) (Beaumont, TX) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191269
Sr Facilities Engineer Houston, TXEDG5/6/20191290
Sr Instrumentation Engineer Houston, TXEDG3/26/20191225
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Conroe, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/5/20191255
Instrumentation & Controls Engineer (6-9 yrs) Houston, TXEDG3/26/20191226
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Beaumont) Houston, TXK-Temp4/5/20191257
Staff Engineer (Structural) - Oil & Gas Houston, TXEDG5/24/20191298
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Conroe, TX) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191276
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Woodlands, TX) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191277
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Beaumont, TX) Houston, TXEDG4/9/20191278
Sr. Facilities Engineer (10+ yrs. experience) Houston, TXEDG2/4/20191187
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (Conroe, TX) Houston, TXK-Temp4/4/20191246
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) Lafayette, LAK-Temp4/4/20191242
Facilities Operations Engineer Lafayette, LAEDG4/22/20191281
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Lafayette, LA) Lafayette, LAK-Temp4/3/20191233
Facilities Engineer (3-5 yrs) Lafayette, LAEDG4/18/20191280
Construction Engineer (Utility) Lafayette, LAEDG4/9/20191272
Piping Drafter/Designer Lafayette, LAEDG1/31/20191180
Structural Engineer Lafayette, LAEDG3/25/20191224
Piping Drafter/Designer (Mid-Sr. Level) Lafayette, LAEDG1/31/20191182
Construction Manager (Utility) (Lafayette) Lafayette, LAEDG4/9/20191263
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (New Orleans, LA) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/4/20191240
Project Manager II (Electric Utility) Metairie, LaEDG3/22/20191223
Sr. Project Manager (Nuclear) (Electric Utility) Metairie, LaK-Temp5/17/20191296
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Baton Rouge, LA) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/3/20191232
Instrumentation Engineer (5-10 yrs experience) Metairie, LaEDG3/18/20191219
Estimator (Electric Utility) Metairie, LaEDG4/30/20191285
Structural Designer Metairie, LaEDG4/24/20191283
Senior Civil Engineer (Marine & Terminal) Metairie, LaEDG2/25/20191204
Construction Manager (Utility) (Baton Rouge) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191262
Construction Engineer (Utility) (New Orleans) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191270
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Jackson, MS) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/5/20191253
Project Controls Specialist (Utilities) Metairie, LaEDG1/30/20191179
Project Controls (Cost Controller) Metairie, LaEDG4/2/20191229
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (New Orleans, LA) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/3/20191231
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/3/20191234
Refinery Project Engineer Metairie, LaEDG5/6/20191291
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/5/20191252
Construction Manager (Utility) (New Orleans) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191261
Project Controls - Cost Controller (Electric Utility) Metairie, LaEDG2/26/20191207
Project Controls (Shutdown Turnaround Scheduler) Metairie, LaEDG3/6/20191213
Entry Level Structural Engineer (Oil & Gas) Metairie, LaEDG2/11/20191194
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Baton Rouge) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/5/20191250
Senior Designer (Industrial & Bulk Material Handling) Metairie, LaEDG5/1/20191287
Facilities Engineer (3-5 yrs) Metairie, LaEDG1/16/20191172
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Baton Rouge) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191271
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191273
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (New Orleans) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/5/20191249
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility)(Baton Rouge, LA) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/4/20191241
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/4/20191243
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) (Lafayette) Metairie, LaK-Temp4/5/20191251
Entry Level Civil Engineer (Marine & Terminals) Metairie, LaEDG4/8/20191258
Cost Analyst (Electric Utility) Metairie, LaEDG3/18/20191221
Project Manager Level 1 (3-5 yrs)(Utilities) Metairie, LaEDG3/20/20191222
Construction Manager (Utility) (Lake Charles) Metairie, LaEDG4/9/20191264
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) Little Rock, ARK-Temp4/4/20191245
Field Supervisor Relay & Protection (Utility) Little Rock, ARK-Temp4/5/20191254
Construction Engineer (Utility) Little Rock, AREDG4/9/20191275
Construction Manager (Utility) Little Rock, AREDG4/9/20191266
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) Little Rock, ARK-Temp4/3/20191236
Utility Construction Engineer II Little Rock, AREDG3/6/20191211
Safety Specialist (Electric Utility) (Jackson) MississippiK-Temp4/3/20191235
Field Supervisor Construction (Electric Utility) (Jackson, MS) MississippiK-Temp4/4/20191244
Construction Manager (Utility) (Jackson) MississippiEDG4/9/20191265
Construction Engineer (Utility) (Jackson, MS) MississippiEDG4/9/20191274
Electrical Engineer Atlanta, GAEDG10/3/20181128

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